Sunny Side Up

Found this great image on flickr today. Enjoy!

Sunny Side Up
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Free magazine on photography is a paid photo sharing website but thay have a great magazine for photography that they give it for free. Below you can see the covers from the 11 issues the have released until now. If you are interesting in reading some great articles on photography you can download everything here.

7 HDR Images

If you're interesting to find out what HDR is check this article from wikipedia
High dynamic range imaging

Garden Of The Gods in HDR
© Photographer: Jdebordphoto | Agency:

Abandoned car- HDR image
© Photographer: | Agency:

Wild landscape HDR 2
© Photographer: Smithore | Agency:

4 trees
© Photographer: Feerglas | Agency:

© Photographer: Repinanatoly | Agency:

Old House
© Photographer: Feerglas | Agency:

Rural house
© Photographer: Midjo | Agency:

12 reviews on Pentax k10d

These are some reviews I've found on the net for the Pentax K10D DSLR camera while searching for a DSLR to replace the Canon Powershot S2IS that I own now. I thing it's a very good choice comparing to other cameras of the same level, both for features and money. Check these reviews if you're interesting.

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12. From

and some video reviews quite interesting:

The Pentax K10D

Pentax K10D short introduction

The Imaging Resource at Photokina 2006: Pentax K10D